Women’s Suffrage Module

This term all Year Eight students at Cheney School are studying an exciting new module designed around the original and replica artefacts from the Rumble Museum’s Suffrage Collection in History lessons.

Each lesson explores a different aspect of the campaign for women’s votes through artefacts and primary source material, incorporating object handling alongside a range of writing and activity tasks.

An accompanying booklet has been produced to support the lessons: “A Story of Women’s Suffrage”. The book is narrated by suffragette Annie Kenney, who is also featured in our new mural in the Lane Building.

The full booklet can be found be downloaded from our Rumble Museum site here.

Below you can find detailed lesson write-ups – these will be added to as the term progresses:

Lesson One: The First Voters

Lesson Two: the Suffragists

Lesson Three: The Suffragettes

Lesson Four: Cat and Mouse

Trip to the Sappho to Suffrage Exhibition

Lesson Five: The King’s Horse

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